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The Kimberley pivot is the oldest locally manufactured machine on the market. The pivot is the heaviest and most robust machine (yet) made locally. During the past 32 years this machine has been manufactured for local conditions. It’s the most versatile pivot of its kind. During the past 7 years we have added new models to our existing range, which will allow you to irrigate every available piece of land with a centre pivot. There are 3 new models available which are the cheapest of its kind measured at rand’s per hectare irrigated.

The 1 Tower Baby Water driven is the most popular of the 3 available.

Centre construction is a very rigid construction and is used in fixed or towable pivots.  The whole construction is hot dip galvanised for longer life.

Baby Pivot

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Vertical Pipe Quick Tow Centre Pivot

4 Legged Heavy duty pivot

Vertical pipe quick tow centre pivot4 Legged heavy duty pivot

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Pivot Centres:

The 2 – 4 tower baby pivots with four legged structure centre.  (Non Tow) The 1 – 3 tower baby pivots are available as Quick tow units with an upright centre (perpendicular) as shown on the photo on the right

Electrical Systems:

The electrical system is designed and manufactured by WA Services. It’s a very simple system. The 1 tower pivot uses only 4 core cable and the 2 tower uses a 9 core cable.

Power Saver Gear Motor:

Makes it possible to use smaller generators and incoming power cable sizes. Efficiency 95% compared to standard worm gear of 50%. Amp draw full load is 1,6 to 2,3. Thermally protected; automatic reset. Unique internal expansion chamber.

Voltage: 460V 60Hz or 380V 50Hz

Horsepower: 0.75 to 1,5

Ratio 40:1; 30:1

Multi Directional Flex Joint:

Not only flexes up and down and back and forth, it can also twist to accommodate tension stresses, common on rough ground. This flexibility is a principal reason why the Kimberley pivot will operate on slopes of up to 30%.

The flex joint is designed to eliminate costly replacement and maintenance; it is not subject to wear, common with expensive metal to metal couplings. If a hose must be replaced, it is a simple, low cost operation.

Structural Stability:

The Truss rods are designed to absorb tension and provide maximum support for the pipeline. Unlike most, the Kimberley pivot truss rods are slotted and welded on all 4 sides for maximum strength to assure rigid strong spans. We widened the distance between the truss rods thereby lowering the machine’s overall centre of gravity.

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