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We want to become the leader in Africa, providing water management systems and steel infrastructure products and services. We have been involved in the manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment for over 34 years.

We have irrigation systems operating in South Africa and various other African countries. As a Kimberley-based company, We have build a strong and dependable business that manufacture all products from our plant in Kimberley using the newest technology including using robotics to manufacture our irrigation products. The Kimberley pivot is tough, dependable and the best value for money and has been the choice of the South African irrigators for over 30 years. The company’s success comes from finding a better way to irrigate almost any crop on varied terrain and soils to increase yields and better utilize natural resources.

Hendrik Wessels - CFO

He studied his B.Compt degree while doing his articels at Enslins Kimberley and completed both in 2006, where after he did his honours degree in Accounting. In 2009 he qualified as a chartered Accountant. He is a director at PwC and is part time involved in the business as the CFO.

Manie Wessels- COO

He started his career in 2000 when he studied his Baccalaureus degree in Technologiae at the Central university of Freestate and completed it in 2005. He was awarded the award for best B-tech student in 2005. Towards the end of 2005 he started working at WA Services and is now the COO of the business.

Herman Wessels- CEO

Herman started his career in 1975 at Kimberley Engineering works (“KEW”). In 1979 he completed his apprenticeship and received his T3 certificate from the technical college. In 1982 he was in charge of the pivot manufacturing division at KEW. In 1986 he established WA Services CC and started manufacturing the Kimberley Pivot.